Patient Care
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Hospital Facilities

Nutech Mediworld is a unique blend of the best healthcare facilities.
We take pride in the state-of-the-art technology and skilled healthcare professionals that form the engine of our machine.

20 Beds

Therapy Center




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24/7 power backup
and attendant


TV in
each room


Operation Theatre

An operation theatre is the heart of a hospital. It is the place where all surgeries take place. It comes across as a scary, busy place but this is where patients often get a second chance at life. Compassionate surgeons with skilled hands toil here to remove diseases tissues, replace them with news ones, or repair damaged tissues to bring patient’s back onto their feet.

Emergency Ward

This is one of the most important rooms of a healthcare facility. We have built our casu-alty or emergency ward to handle even the most complicated emergency cases. With skilled surgeons on board and the required modern equipment, we aim to do justice to every case.

therapy Center

The acceptance of physiotherapy and occupational therapy as a part of the treatment regime is gaining popularity across the globe. Be it ortho- paedics, gynaecology, paediatrics, physiotherapy has become an indis- pensable part of every heathcare facility.

Pathology Laboratory

At Nutech Mediworld we understand that a hospital admission is often synonymous to multiple rounds of tests. These tests need to be performed with precision for accurate results. Our doctors rely on our modern equipment and skilled lab technicians in per- forming blood tests diligently and accurately to help in rapid diagnosis.


Hospital admissions are often equated to stress. When providing our best services to the patients, we also try to share the burden on their relatives by providing a relaxing atmosphere in our cafeteria. All food is cooked using fresh ingredients in a hygienic environment. Good food is essential to good health and our cafeteria ensures that.


A patient’s is diet is an important part of the healing process. At Nutech mediworld, we make sure that our patients receive the healthiest food. Our dieticians and physicians work with our kitchen staff to prepare the healthiest meals that aid patient recovery.